Radio Northsea International RNI 220 | - Old Medium Wave
Radio Northsea International RNI 220 | - Old Medium Wave

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Radio Northsea International - RNI 220

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1368 kHz

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Welcome, This is site fmdab. You are here on map eu-offshore-am RNI - Radio Northsea International from the Mebo II on mediumwave 220 meter band. English, German service radio programm. Von 1970 bis 1974 sendete Radio Nordsee International offshore radiosender vom Radioschiff "MEBO II" über Mittelwelle 220 mtr band, Kurzwelle 49 mtr band und UKW 100 MHz.
Radio programmering English, Deutsch & Nederlands



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and tuning in on Radio Northsea International RNI 220 AM 1368 kHz .

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